FESE Invited to Attend Exhibition in Düsseldorf and Attracting Worldwide Attention with and its Internationalized Planning

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  On April 16-20, Tube & Wire Düsseldorf 2018 got off to a grand start in the exhibition center of Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Messe). Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as FESE, stock code: 600869) was invited to attend the exhibition and seized this opportunity to introduce our cable products and services and showcase the image of FESE, representing an impetus to our internationalization.


  The team of FESE at the exhibition



  Part of the exhibition stand of FESE

  Wang Fan, Investor, Chief Director of FESE and General Manager of International Business Center, Liu Wenbin, Investor and Assistant to the Director of Department II of International Business, Wang Liang, Investor and Assistant to the Director of Department of Environment-friendly Wire and Cable Research and Development, and Xiaqi, Sales Manager of Department II of International Business participated in the exhibition, interpreting FESE to the world.

  This time, the special booth of FESE showcased the whole industry chain service provided by FESE and introduced 36 wire and cable products covering clean energy, smart grid, green building and high-end equipment.

  In the field of clean energy, we put on display 9 kinds of wire and cable products featuring the wind power aluminum alloy high flame retardation cold-resistant rubber sheathed cable. These products are mainly used in wind power and photovoltaic power generation. They are our answer to the global call for environment protection, and they will give a boost to the development and application of clean energy. We also put on display 17 kinds of smart grid products. These products are applicable in all extreme environments. They can meet different requirements for power transmission and are high-performing in energy conservation, consumption reduction and corrosion resistance. They can guarantee long-distance high power transmission, fully displaying excellent product support of Far East Cable in the field of overhead transmission line. Our green building products are highly competitive in fireproof, waterproof and overload capacity, providing safety guarantee for green buildings, and showcasing the strength of Far East Cable in medium and low voltage power transmission and distribution. In the field of high end equipment, we displayed 300/500V highly flexible control cable and flexible and torsion resistant soft cable used by industrial robots. They are mainly used in industrial equipment and non-complete set of equipment installation, power station, heating and air conditioner installation. They have excellent electrical properties, high flexibility, high torsion resistance and strong physical and mechanical properties.


  Receiving international clients

  Staff of FESE said: “Every day, we received nearly 100 clients from Germany, UK, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Africa and South Asia. Among them there were technical experts and purchasers from related countries.”

  At the exhibition in Düsseldorf, other products of FESE including photovoltaic cable, submarine cable and EHV cables also attracted wide attention and became the focus of the exhibition. Clients from Mexico and Saudi Arabia visited our booth several times, and showed great interest in the EHV cables and photovoltaic cables produced by Far East Cable. We had communication and exchanges on establishing cooperative relations.

  As an important operational support for establishing global internet of energy and smart grid, EHV cable has become the nervous system of smart grid. Since FESE began production of UHV cables in 2006, we have adhered to high quality and strict standard. We have strong technics in producing large section EHV cables and can ensure quality. Our products have been used in many national key long distance UHV power transmission and distribution projects. Clients from countries and regions like Mexico expected to establish long-term cooperative ties with Far East Cable in the field of EHV cable and photovoltaic cable.


  The booth is popular among visitors at the exhibition.

  At the exhibition, FESE had in-depth exchanges with clients from across the world and reached cooperation intent. After the exhibition, the team of FESE travelled to Hamburg to visit cooperation partners like Nordex & Acciona to conduct deep exchanges and broaden areas of cooperation.

  As an important name card for FESE to go global, our participation in Tube & Wire Düsseldorf 2018 allowed FESE to benchmark itself against international leaders of this industry, explore international market and showcase our products and whole industry chain services. It further highlighted the strength and culture of FESE in building smart earth and smart city.

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