This company has a head start in this industry by combining business with online platforms.
This company possesses two platforms (MMBao and Far East Material Trading Center) and one website ( and boasts strong networks of marketing and exclusive stores. Based on its platforms and networks, it is committed to OTO (online to offline) strategy and supply chain finance and it is aimed at building an e-commerce OTO service platform featuring a full industry chain of electrical and electronic industry.
As a national e-commerce model enterprise, MMBao has become a global vertical e-commerce platform for electrical and electronics which are supported by related industries. It creates a full industry chain business model connecting raw material suppliers, manufacturers and end users.
MMBao improves supply chain finance and third-party payment, and realizes the integration of information flow, great logistics, capital flow, and service flow on the same platform.
MMBao has four major product categories, including wire, cable, metal fittings and electrical and electronic appliances.
With focus on wire and cable and electrical and electronic industries, this website provides customers with professional, cutting-edge, timely, and comprehensive information on product and industry and a full range of value-added services.
Established on the basis of the China Material Exchange, it set up a trading center with the approval of the Financial Affairs Office of the People's Government of Jiangsu Province.
Far East Material Trading Center promotes commodity trading and provides the customers the optimal services such as bulk commodity trading, delivery, settlement and financing based on world material industry.
Offline shops layout
Marketing managers in thousands of cities and counties
MMT members in the country
Procurement members in all trades
Trading Center business layout
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