To build the core competitiveness of smart energy in full industry chain service.

Far East Integration Technology Co., Ltd is committed to becoming a first-class EPC general contractor and distributed energy supplier.

Far East Integration Technology was founded in 2016 and its main business includes photovoltaic power station, civil construction, EPC general contracting for distributed energy and power station operation and maintenance. It has an experienced project management and design team with outstanding capability, which has accomplished impressive performance in integration of design, construction and R&D and engineering project solutions featuring low cost and high efficiency. In 2017, four photovoltaic power station general contracting projects, undertook by Far East Integration Technology Company, had come into operation on June,30,2017. The owners of this grid-connected power station include manufacturers of photovoltaic industry equipment, investment companies, and private companies in other industries. This success marks that this company builds up a formidable bank of experience in photovoltaic project contracting industry and has the ability to deal with all kinds of photovoltaic projects.

  • PPP& Civil Construction

    In 2017, global construction, civil engineering and infrastructure industries will have a rapid development. The rise of technology will increase cost efficiency and reshape design and construction methods. It is foreseeable that there ...

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  • Photovoltaic power generation

    In the ten years of development, the existing team of Far East Integration Technology has aimed to be a leading player in the field of photovoltaic project. It strives to build high-quality photovoltaic projects and achieves the company's joint improvement of ...

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  • Distributed energy station

    The contradiction between urbanization and energy utilization has emerged in the process of social upgrading and transformation. The use of energy resources has become a bottleneck in the development of urbanization in China. The ...

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Jinghang’an, a global leading smart airport service provider

In 2017, Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. and Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. acquired Beijing Jinghang’an Airport Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinghang’an) with RMB 729.3 million and RMB 700.7 million in cash respectively. After the acquisition, Smarter Energy holds 51% of Jinghang’an’s stock while Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. holds 49% of Jinghang’an’s stock.

Now Jinghang’an has been developed itself into an intelligent solution supplier for first grade airports, which possesses the qualifications of Level I Specialized Contractor of Airport Visual Guiding Projects, Level I Specialized Contractor of Airport Air Traffic Control and Light-current System of Air Terminals, Level II Specialized Contractor of Electromechanical Installation Projects and Level III Specialized Contractor of Intelligent Building Projects. As an advanced enterprise in the industry with around 100 successful cases in and out of China, Jinghang’an has realized complete coverage of the military and civil markets, and is committed to be a global-leading omnidirectional solution provider for intelligent airports.

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